Car Wash Software Application Development

TIDI is a incredible software solution developed for Car Wash stations. It is best car wash software in Dallas, Texas. There are many features in TIDI for car centers like Job Card creation, inventory note, vehicle damages note. Both Car Wash services and packages can be done with application. TIDI is named as Best Car Wash software in Dallas, because of the below features:-

  • It has inbuild store module using which purchase, stock and sales can be maintained.
  • Spare pick option from the store.
  • Feature to track any outsource jobs during service.
  • Inbuilt accounts module for tracking the payments, receipts and ledgers.
  • Mobile app for creating job cards, sales reports.
  • Feedback feature for customers to rate the service quality.
  • Car Wash Software Development
  • SMS alerts for vehicle pickup, ready for delivery status.
  • Security code for customers.
  • Digital signature options for customers.
  • Monthly, weekly sales reports.
  • TIDI is one of the best car wash POS in Dallas because of its features and advantages.